Founded in 1962, our club was originally the Seven Hills Toongabbie RSL Youth Club sponsored by the respective Seven Hills Toongabbie RSL Sub-Branch. Some of our sports today, are our original sports from our formation, 60 years ago. Swimming, Judo, Gymnastics and Ballroom Dancing are our longest running activities.

As time carried on, we merged in the former Wentworthville RSL Youth Club, and became the Seven Hills Toongabbie Wentworthville RSL Youth Club, and carried this honour through to the beginning of 2020.

2020 will be remembered in history for many things, but only this writeup will serve a memory of when our club became independent from the RSL, and renamed to our current name, Seven Hills Community Youth Sports Club Inc. Many of the members preserve the reasons why the Youth Clubs were originally created, and we endeavour to continue that journey as we believe that it was a vision that still needs to be carried forward.

The original objectives

Many people have asked us to outline the aims and objectives of the RSL Youth Club movement as it applies to the youth of New South Wales and to the community and Australia at large. We believe the question is very pertinent in this day and age; therefore we have listed the answers to assist in promoting the image of RSL Youth Clubs in areas without Youth Clubs.

The objects of any RSL Youth Club should be to provide youth, both boys and girls of the area, the opportunity to participate in healthy recreation and instruct them in the principles of good citizenship.

A RSL Youth Club should also educate them to appreciate the need to be good citizens of the State and Commonwealth and to uphold laws pertaining thereto.

To encourage and support cultural activities such as music, literature, art, physical education, drama, dancing and debating; many young people are denied these opportunities through lack of exposure to them by reason of cost or distance and a Youth Club can make them available, and this applies to handicapped children in particular.

A RSL Youth Club can awaken our youth to their responsibility towards adolescence; they are growing up and preparing for their role in life as it may apply to them.

Never be sectarian or political, accept everyone for what they are irrespective of colour, class or creed, they are all important to your RSL Youth Club’s growth and progress

What can I do as a parent

There is a great need for parents to be involved in RSL Youth Clubs management committees in other words don't just send the young people, go along yourself and work with them to make life worthwhile.

Never before in the history of Australia have the principles of good citizenship, honesty and integrity been needed so much.

Fund raising can provide a dual purpose, as a form of advertising for your club, letting people know of your Youth Club and making them aware of what’s going on and also the facilities that are available for youth in your area. It is a way of promoting the prestige of belonging to an RSL Youth Club

In many cases it is necessary for Youth Clubs to raise their own funds. This can sometimes be an awesome task but it can provide a great deal of fun, develop team spirit and a source challenge for youth members. It also provides an opportunity to include the mums and dads in Youth Club activities.